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written by Michael Broughton of the Audiophile Source
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Merging Technologies and Roon Labs. One of the reasons I like the Merging Technologies + Player is that it has Roon capability installed internally, so let’s talk about Roon. Roon or Roon Labs as the company is known has a downloadable App to your iPhone or iPad and more.

The Roon App can accesses all your music through the Roon core module in the Merging + Player to, in my case, an external hard drive connected through a USB connecter on the back of the Merging + Player and a Wi-Fi connection.

The end result roughly is this. Roon loads your music from your source, searches through the internet and gives you virtually every piece of information you might want on your music selections from artwork to liner notes. And here is the good part. You can use that app to control playback of your music collection from you device (an iPad in my case).

One of the benefits of working in audio shows is you meet people from all over the world who come to these shows with their particular tastes in music. Music that comes from their culture and more. So inadvertently my musical tastes have expanded over the years allowing me to develop quite the eclectic tastes in music. Yet most of that collection of CD’s is buried in storage off and on due to lack of space to have the collection out in the open (depending on living accommodations at the time.) You see where I’m going with this.

Once I thought I had a rudimentary understanding of how Roon works I decided to load my entire CD collection going back to around the Nineties when I first started to collect music. As it turns out I have a somewhat small collection of around a thousand CD’s compared to others. Even so, it took me more than a month, as I had time to save and organize this collection.

I finished the project a couple of weeks ago. I now have access to my entire music collection going back over thirty years through the Merging Technologies products and Roon. At the touch of a swipe and hit play I’m now listening to music I forgotten I had in addition to any of the current choices that are available to me. I have said it before: this is time travel, folks, if you understand what I mean.

It took only a few days to become comfortable with this setup and I can’t comprehend going back to the way things were. Oh, and by the way, playing through the Merging Technologies Player and / or NADAC and Power all of the music is just wonderful, stellar if you will and exceedingly enjoyable.

Iván Fischer, Budapest Festival Orchestra – Mahler: Symphony No. 3

Mahler! Symphony no. 3 – Kraftig Entschieden. Epic, powerful, majestic, and profound while being complicated and delicate all at once. This piece of music has the ability to reach down capture and lift one into a whirlwind of emotions and images. Anything is possible in this world that Mahler has created.

written by: Michael Broughton of the Audiophile Source









Michael Broughton

This will be the third show that Merging Technologies of Switzerland has hired Michael from the Audiophile Source to produce for them. He has been working audio shows since the Nineties.

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