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written by Michael Broughton of the Audiophile Source
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A couple of days ago I’m at one of the local shippers that we all use, attempting to send out the last of the items that we need for Axpona 2018. I allowed my mind to wander while I waited in line and ended up back when I first met the folks at Merging Technologies at the 2015 RMAF show. The place where my mind settled wasn’t at the show but a day or so afterwards.

I’m also a Landscape / Nature Photographer and as it was the fall season I was eager to get up to the park for a few shots. I invited Chris Hollebone of Merging Technologies and his lovely wife Sue, a very nice couple by the way, to accompany myself and my wife up to one of my favorite places in Rocky Mountain National Park.

This place isn’t necessarily remote but you have to know the spot is there to find it, so much so that this particular area doesn’t have a name so I call it Hidden Creek. As you might gather there is a little creek, or Babbling Brook might be better suited. The brook runs through a forest that allows just enough of the light through the forest canopy to cause a speckled pattern on the forest floor that in the spring illuminates all the wild flowers and grasses, truly magical. And if you look close enough you can see the fairies darting through the light rays. See that’s what you get for spending too much time out doors breathing all that fresh air, it addles the brain!

As one might hope by this time! The conversation turned to the show a few days prior. To be honest I was a bit caught off guard by the, I want to use the over used word amazing to describe the sound we had just produced at RMAF but that doesn’t do justice to what I had just experienced. How about lifelike or natural, or present in the room as if you were part of the musical experience? Well, you get the picture. And by chance this is where I heard my first DSD256 piece of music.

I asked a lot of questions as to how Merging Technologies accomplished this feat. As it turns out Merging Technologies is not new to the audio business. They have been making highly successful components for the Pro side of audio for years. They have been so successful in capturing those life like natural recordings with their products that they decided to create consumer versions of their Pro products that could play the music with equal aplomb. Clearly Merging Technologies has succeeded at this goal. Hence the Merging + Components.

Now as much as a gearhead as I am in audio as well as photography, it’s still all about the music in this case isn’t it? What good the player without the music… h’mm that’s almost poetic. One piece of music that caught my attention at that show was the Sibelius Piano Trio Vol I. from, of course, NativeDSD. Apparently NativeDSD and Merging Technologies have been collaborating for a while and I hope they continue to do so.

Sibelius Piano Trio – Vol. 1

I have a wide eclectic taste in music. Classical has been growing on me for the last several years partly because of music like this. As the first track Nene Mov. I Jumping on the walls on this album begins you can tell these musicians are very serious and skilled at their art form. But at the same time this cut is truly playful. The musicians seem to be having fun. The music brought a smile to my face as my head kind of
bobbed along with the music. Throughly enjoyable!





written by: Michael Broughton of the Audiophile Source

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Michael Broughton

This will be the third show that Merging Technologies of Switzerland has hired Michael from the Audiophile Source to produce for them. He has been working audio shows since the Nineties.

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