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written by Michael Broughton of the Audiophile Source

It’s 5:30am in the morning. It’s two weeks before the beginning of Axpona 2018. I have just responded to a communique from NativeDSD in regards to the show. Hit send, then proof read. Ooops! Note to self: not a good idea to attempt this so early in the morning without coffee.

NativeDSD Music with NADAC+Player with Roon in the Merging Technologies Room

Just finished making a French Press of Sulawesi. This bean is from Indonesia a full body somewhat dark exceptionally smooth bean, A sip or two and ahhhh, all is right with the world. Rewind: attempt #2 to communicate intelligently with important people on the other end of the line. Send out email apologizing profusely for having butter fingers. Yes, we will be playing an extensive section of NativeDSD DSD256 music selections at Axpona 2018. I shake my head and sigh at myself and yes, the Merging Technologies room is 1540 not what I wrote in the previous email.

The Merging Technologies components we will be using are the Merging + Player, the Merging + NADAC, and the Merging + Power. This will be the third show that Merging Technologies of Switzerland has hired me to produce for them. I have been working audio shows since the Nineties and I must say these are as musical components as I have heard. I have the Merging + Player at my home right now burning it in and I am happy as a clam as they say. This piece is extremely musical. To think it just gets better if one were to add the NADAC and the Power unit. And then of course there is the growing NativeDSD DSD256 selections of music. At the Denver show in 2017 NativeDSD surprised us with a collection of 5 previously unreleased Recordings to be debuted during RMAF. One of my favorites from that show is the Dragon Quartet.

Dragon Quartet: String Quartets of Schubert and Dvorak

From the first few moments of this piece I was drawn into the fabric of the music. I thoroughly enjoy the energy of the strings as the notes ebb and flow. There is so much life to this music it’s difficult not finding yourself waving that imaginary baton as one listens. Just beautiful!!!



written by: Michael Broughton of the Audiophile Source





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Michael Broughton

This will be the third show that Merging Technologies of Switzerland has hired Michael from the Audiophile Source to produce for them. He has been working audio shows since the Nineties.

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