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written by Michael Broughton of the Audiophile Source
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Don’t laugh but I start planning these shows months in advance. I do believe in having things laid out as much as possible. Those of you who also work these shows know that no matter how much one tries to get a grip on the unexpected possible issues that might go wrong, something can easily come out of left field and force one to regroup and change ones strategy.

I worked a show back in the Nineties where I found a guest that I had invited to CES, out of the goodness of his heart and with firm conviction of his opinions had decided that the speakers we were using had some sort of issue. When I returned to our listening room after a meal I found this guest sitting on the floor smiling joyfully braced with the knowledge that he was helping to fix a problem that the speaker manufacture knew nothing about. He had his hands deep inside one speaker cabinet rewiring the speakers…. I KNOW, RIGHT!!

Needless to say after having an aneurysm on the spot and being tended to by some dear friends bless their souls with a couple of shots of some very old scotch to help me recover from the travesty I had just witnessed, the individual was escorted off the property never to be seen again. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas as they say…

I can laugh about it now but it took years of intense therapy to get over this incident. Although my left eye still twitches come to think of it. See what I mean anything can happen and usually does? Having just shared that story with you I can’t stop laughing Who would of thought? Respect to the hard working individuals who suffer and give their all at these shows!

On a different note a company that deserves recognition for their musical contributions to the Merging Technologies rooms at these shows is Purist Audio Design.

I have been using Purist cables at audio shows for several years now, updating them every once in a while to keep pace with Purist’s advancements. To say this company makes musical audio cables and power cords is an extreme understatement. The sound at these shows has always been musically superb using their products. And as you might imagine I plan on using their cables at future shows I will be working. Purist Audio Design another company that would be worth your time investigating.

On Sequentia, the cello player Joachim Eijlander lulls one into an unexpected sense of peace.


written by: Michael Broughton of the Audiophile Source


SEQUENTIA! Available in DXD, DSD 64, 128 and 256 – Stereo & Multichannel



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Michael Broughton

This will be the third show that Merging Technologies of Switzerland has hired Michael from the Audiophile Source to produce for them. He has been working audio shows since the Nineties.

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