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How did things go? Are we happy with the end results? Would we do this again?

All of this stuff we do in audio can and should be distilled down to one thing, the music! Did we get not just good music at Axpona 2018, but were we able to reach that somewhat intangible border between the elusive magical presentation of lifelike music versus a really expensive stereo system that just plays loud?

Based on the comments of those of you who visited the Merging Technologies room I would say yes. We crossed into the borderlands where such things exist. So much so that Positive Feedback has awarded all the participants in the Merging Technologies room with their second Audio Oasis award. Making that two out of three shows in the past few years. A well deserved congratulations to all involved!! So how did things go, quite well I would say. 

But let’s get back to the reason why this industry exists. If you will remember my earlier quip about “what good the player without the music.” Simplistic and obvious I know. Yet if I only remember to say this once now is a good a time as ever. The reason for this industry that we so easily and unintentionally push to the recesses of our minds. So lets remember the musicians! Those folks that are bold enough to bare their inner selves and share their musical creativity with us.

And then of course the long chain of folks that pour so much of themselves into capturing these musical works of art in recording sessions. To that point in this case, NativeDSD. The consistent positive reactions we received in the room were due to NativeDSD recordings. The award that we received was given during the playback of NativeDSD recordings. The attention to detail, the care they and their partners put into preserving the intent of the musicians in question deserves recognition. But again, a well deserved congrats to all!

Are we happy with the results? Yes, very much so. Would we do this again? Hmmmm.. You betcha! The reaction of music lovers to good quality musical equipment such as Merging Technologies, a well set up system and the best recordings we can dig up from companies like NativeDSD are more than worth it and accomplish our goals of letting you the music lover experience what is musically possible in your home.

Michael Broughton
Audiophile Source

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Michael Broughton

This is the third show that Merging Technologies of Switzerland has hired Michael from the Audiophile Source to produce for them. He has been working audio shows since the Nineties.

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