Day 1 at Axpona Apr 15 by Michael Broughton in Merging Preps for AXPONA 2018, News

Day 1 it’s Friday, opening day of the show. I was up very early along with Chris Hollebone from Merging Technologies. Reflecting back to Thursday, how would I describe the rest of set up day? grueling! Unless you have worked these shows you just can’t understand the individual and company level commitment and effort that is made in putting these rooms together.

For us in room 1540 we immediately got to work unpacking and storing boxes setting up the Star Sound platforms with the help of Robert Maicks from Star Sound Technologies. Eventually someone says Uhhh… where are the speakers? We all stop dead and look around dumb- founded. Yes, there was lengthy silence and then the rush of activity as we all filed down stairs in righteous indignation on a holy mission to recover what is ours.

A couple of hours later all is well as we find the speakers at ( “Door 17” sounds like an X-file plot doesn’t it? ) in the shipping department and bring up the speakers to the room ourselves. Crises averted everyone gets busy setting up the the rest the room and Merging Player, NADAC and Power.

Everything was humming along famously once again, this goes here that goes over there and someone says Uhhh… where are the acoustic devices from Acoustic Geometry? Silence reigns again for a moment and we are out the door one more time heading down to the shipping department hooting and hollering how could this happen? After several hours, while part of the tribe continue to work on the room and Merging Technologies equipment we figure it out. See the very large wooden crate with the address ripped off? Guess what we found the Acoustic Geometry box. Back to the room with the acoustic devices, we are back on track.

Now just so you don’t get the wrong idea. I have to give credit to the shipping department at Axpona. Neither issues we had with missing equipment was the fault of Axpona shipping de- partments. These people are extremely competent and diligent and a pleasure to work with.

Success is ours we had music a little past 12:00 pm on Thursday. The system will continue to play from then on until the show ends on Sunday to give it as much time to settled down as possible.

Back to Friday morning after having left the system playing all night with the Purist Audio Sys- tem Enhancer we are back in room 1540 dialing in the final position of the speakers and plac- ing the Acoustic Geometry devices one at a time as we listen to how they affect the sound in the room. This will be my first time using Acoustic Geometry at a show so I’m very curious as to how well they work.

We clean up the room and make everything tidy it’s 10:00 am, time to open the doors to the public. From this point forward we will be playing NativeDSD DSD256 pieces of music. We start off with the beautiful voices of Musica Temprana.

Michael Broughton

This will be the third show that Merging Technologies of Switzerland has hired Michael from the Audiophile Source to produce for them. He has been working audio shows since the Nineties.

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