Day 2 at AXPONA Apr 18 by Michael Broughton in Merging Preps for AXPONA 2018

Day 2. It’s Saturday and the doors are open at Axpona 2018. I’m looking back at Friday, the crowds were enormous. The Merging Technologies room was constantly full with music lovers.

A very good sign during these types of events is if you begin to recognize the same faces returning for another listen or two. Especially when you see them returning with their friends. I saw this happen several times.

I continue to find parallels between my work in audio and my work in photography. When I have a showing of my work in photography and I see folks walk up to that work and hear them let out a slight gasp of disbelief and just stare at the piece. I know something is right about the piece of work in question.

I was witness to this same type of response off and on as it occurred throughout Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Music lovers would walk into the Merging Technologies room, their eyes would go slightly wide, there mouths would drop a bit in disbelief of what they were hearing. Or perhaps they were totally caught off guard by what they were hearing I’m not quite sure. I’m finding it difficult to describe what I was witness to.

The bottom line is the musical presentation we were able to put together in our room achieved what we wanted it to. Folks were happily listening to music as it should be in these situations and in not too much of a hurry to move on.

We played the first cut of Maya Fridman’s Tanaka – Song of Songs. You could almost see the instruments slowly emerge from the deep silent velvet black background right in front of your ears. Transfixing!!






The live cut Seriously off the Jazz album Yuko Mabuchi Trio album is just off the chart. Talk about a toe tapper.






Lisa Jacobs Locatelli Violin Concerto No II – Andante is totally rich and involving.







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This is the third show that Merging Technologies of Switzerland has hired Michael from the Audiophile Source to produce for them. He has been working audio shows since the Nineties.

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