Setup Chord’s Mojo in Jriver Media Center for DSD Mar 03 by Ted Brady in Hardware, Ted's Corner

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Sometimes people send us emails with questions about how to setup some gear, this post uses the Chord Mojo as an example. I created two 20 minute setup videos for JRiver DSD setup.  Please watch them and see if they make sense.

Setting up Jriver for Mojo

Your Mojo uses the same drivers as their other dacs.  Make sure bitstream is set to DSD and you should be good to go.  Leave everything off in “output” on the DSP screens.

Here is a list of contents and direct links to video files of the two 20 minute screencasts on setting up JRIver:

Part One: Intro (20:39)
• Introduction
• Installation
• Importing music
• Setting up DAC/output
• Basic JRemote setup

Watch / Download MP4 video

How to tag and filter in Jriver

Part Two: Tagging and Custom Views (21:07)
• Tagging techniques
• Filling tags from file info
• Tag Pasting
• Mass tagging ideas
• Building customized views
• Exporting them to JRemote

Watch / Download MP4 video

Let me know if you need any additional help after seeing these video’s. You can post a question below

Ted Brady

Ted Brady

Ted Brady is’s Technical Advisor.

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