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Recently we were able to push a couple new features to the frontend of I will list them below and elaborate briefly on the advantages of the improvements.

  • DSD Downsamples available for free download. On the checkout page, it is now possible to also download the lower res. version of any album. For instance, if you purchase a 128FS DSD album, the 64FS version is also available. Same is true for 256>128>64. See a screenshot.
  • Another new feature is the DAC input field. Not only in account creation can you specify your DAC, but also in your account this is possible. The advantage is that if there is a problem with a file it is easier for us to troubleshoot the issue if we know which DAC you use. By supplying this information to us once, we don’t need to ask for it every time.
  • One of my favorite new features is the one found on the album browse page. There you can tick a box: Exclusively available as DSD download. This will show you only releases that were never available for sale on an SACD, but only as download. ¬†See screenshot.
  • Disqus as review function for albums. You can leave a written review easily on the bottom of an Album page by using your Disqus account or any of the popular social media accounts.

If you have any feedback or comments please let me know! you can email to

Jonas Sacks

Jonas Sacks

Jonas is Co-Founder & CTO at NativeDSD. He was trained as a Cinematographer. His work can be seen at

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