Updates to Native DSD Store Aug 19 by Jonas Sacks in News

We’ve listened to your feedback the last few weeks and improved things accordingly. Here is a list of updates that were pushed live today.

  • Zip naming is improved, this used to be only an album id, now it includes the name of the album and the channel + quality info.
  • Improved user backend layout.
  • Improved country and DAC input dropdown layout and functionality.
  • Order email instructions to download have improved.
  • Improved instructions for downloading down-sampled versions of albums at step 5 of checkout.
  • Hardware / tracks info is no longer shown if not ordered at top of checkout to prevent confusion.
  • If the only combination on product selection is e.g. 64 + stereo, this option is now automatically selected so a user will see the price button immediately. (e.g. https://soundliaison.nativedsd.com/albums/sl1010aimpromptu)
  • Fixed a bug in safari where the layout during checkout was not working correctly.
  • Added the search possibility of only showing albums recorded analog in the browse section. (www.nativedsd.com/new_browse)
  • Changed the type face of the Native DSD name at the top of the site to match the new look introduced throughout the website in the last couple months.
  • Added translation dropdown with over 30 languages, translations are quirky sometimes, so we’ll work on a real solution later on.
  • We created a coupon code rule set that will allow us to offer ‘box set discounts’ e.g. for a complete Beethoven symphonies set.
  • Added the ‘total savings’ amount in the checkout to show the total discounted amount in euro’s
  • Many things in the backend that you probably don’t care about 🙂

That’s all for now!

Jonas Sacks

Technical Director and Co-Founder of Native DSD

Jonas Sacks

Jonas Sacks

Jonas is Co-Founder & CTO at NativeDSD. He was trained as a Cinematographer. His work can be seen at jonassacks.com

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