Win! 80 Page Recording Book [TRPTK, Limited Edition] Feb 06 by Floor van der Holst in Call for Reviewers, News, Producer's Notes

Brendon Heinst, producer and recording engineer at TRPTK, tells the NativeDSD listeners why they will want to win this book about the DSD Album ‘The Fiery Angel‘. And how!

Maya Fridman

This book contains recording session stories from artists and engineers. It also includes a shortened version of the novel, as well as an exclusive behind-the-scenes photographic story by the talented Nicky Regelink. NativeDSD has two copies to give away, only fifty copies were made. Now if that’s not a Limited Edition, then what is? Better yet, they will be signed by cellist and arranger Maya Fridman.


  1. Download the DSD Album ‘The Fiery Angel‘ and give it a listen

  2. Send us your thoughts in about 5 sentences:

  3. On February 14th we will get the two books signed and sent to two randomly selected reviewers!

We are looking forward to receiving your thoughts.

All the best regards,
Maya Fridman, The TRPTK Team and the NativeDSD Team

Floor van der Holst

Floor van der Holst

Floor is Marketing & Label Manager at NativeDSD Music

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