A lost & found Frisian composer Jan 29 by Jos Boerland in News, Producer's Notes

Jos Boerland, producer of Aliud Records, writes about his brand new release

The Vondel Quartet plays Paulus Folkertsma

“I present to you the complete String Quartets by autodidact composer (self-taught musician) Paulus Folkertsma from the Frisian village Aldeboarn, a village in Heerenveen in the province of Friesland, the Netherlands.

What’s special about this recording is that it’s part of a miniseries in collaboration with the “Frysk Muzyk Argyf” (Frisian Music Archive) and that the compositions were written in the presence of the widow Mrs. Folkertsma and her children. By partnering up with the Frisian Music Archive, we aim to create a musical image of Frisian composers. Usually they are barely known in the Frisian region, and not known at all outside of the Dutch province Friesland.

By making recordings of these works, the music itself creates a platform on which the listener can discover that in this particular part of the Netherlands some beautiful and interesting sound nuances have been composed, worthy of a listen.

Due to the presence of Mrs. Folkertsma at the recording session, the Vondel Quartet had a better understanding of what must have been the musical thoughts of Paulus Folkertsma when he composed these works. By listening to his music one can imagine that in his daily job as a teacher he must have been a fascinating storyteller!

This album is recorded in Multichannel DSD in order to capture the full richness of the sound of the string quartet. Because all the high and low can be displayed/heard in this format, it gives the full, rich & warm sound this quartet deserves.”

You can read more about the composer here (in English)

From the booklet

It is not easy to describe Folkertsma‚Äôs style. His idiom is not outspokenly modern and he knew that very well. In a word of thanks in 1971, during a concert on the occasion of his 70th birthday, Paulus Folkertsma emphasized that he had remained a romanticist despite of the great developments music went through in the first half of the 20th century. The fact that he roots strongly in tradition does not mean, however, that his work does not bear something special of its own. In his songs we find passages which
can be accounted the most inspired ones ever composed on a Frisian text.

Jos Boerland

Jos Boerland is Producer and Founder of Aliud Records

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