Lisa Jacobs on Cobra Records Sep 01 by Tom Peeters in Producer's Notes, Recording Reports

Lisa Jacobs Haydn Concertos nativeDSD

After the big succes of the Locatelli violin concerto’s, I’m happy to announce this recording with the Haydn violin concerto’s.

Lisa Jacobs & The String Soloists are still improving their performances. For the coming season we can hear them regularly in important concerthalls with even two concerts in The Concertgebouw. Funny enough this Haydn repertoire is rarely heard on stage. So time to make a great recording to be able to share the joy of this repertoire and these musicians. As an extra we can hear Lisa playing her own cadenzas!

For the recording we had the same approach as last year with the Locatelli. I just used only a main system of B&K microphones. But there is a difference: this year we were able to use interlinks microphone cables of Acoustic Revive.
We hope you enjoy the spirit of Lisa and The String Soloists and the great acoustic of the Cunerakerk in Rhenen.

Lisa Jabobs Haydn Concertos NativeDSD

Tom Peeters

Tom Peeters is the founder & producer at Cobra Records.

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