Mengjie Han: Liszt Competition winner Sep 08 by Tom Peeters in News, Producer's Notes

Mengjie Han Evocacion Native DSDPiano recordings are always challenging. Even if you are coming to the same venue and using the same piano. The difference is always the pianist and the repertoire. It feels always like you have to start again finding a perfect microphone setting.
This recording has impressionistic repertoire of Albeniz and Ravel. How to approach this soundwise? Just colors and not too detailed or close? No, finally I decided to have a very clear, close sound but at the same time big, impressive and without missing any detail. Pianist Mengjie Han is completely capable to play musically with this most complex repertoire. The result is an extremely passionate performance of these “memories” of Albeniz and Ravel. Enjoy it!

Tom Peeters

Tom Peeters is the founder & producer at Cobra Records.

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