Cobra’s ‘Modinha’ and the use of Acoustic Revive cables and interlinks Jul 21 by Tom Peeters in Producer's Notes, Recording Reports

I’m very proud to announce the release of this recording. Great musicians, great music, but what is new? Well this is a very unusual combination of instruments and we use new microphone cables.

This unusual combination of oboe and guitar has very little original repertoire. But in this colorful collection of South American music, partly transcribed by Enno Voorhorst, the expressive lyricism of the oboe, played by Pauline Oostenrijk, and the warm, passionate and rhythmical guitar playing by Enno Voorhorst will likely inspire composers to write for this combination in the future.
With this album Modinha Pauline Oostenrijk and Enno Voorhorst composed a selection of pieces that reaches from Argentina to Costa Rica and from romantic songs to intricate revolving rhythms: Latin American music. The composers Heitor Villa-Lobos, Astor Piazzolla and Egberto Gismonti are considered heroes in their home countries. Their music is played in concert halls and also on the streets. Defining it as popular or classical, the borders are blurred, but this music has found its way into the important concert venues of the world. Modinha is not only the name of one of the selected pieces, but also of a nostalgic love song. The oboe d’amore that Pauline Oostenrijk plays on several tracks especially suits the tender and nostalgic atmosphere of this love song.

Acoustic Revive

We are extremely happy to release our first Cobra recording made with the use of Acoustic Revive microphone cables and interlinks. This Japanese company developed single core cables (instead of wired). After some trial projects in 2016 we decided to collaborate for future Cobra projects. For us the use of these cables with our (by Rens Heijnis) modified B&K mikes is really perfect, the result is astonishing. These cables give a significant more open and transparent sound.

Our general approach for a recording is to use a very simple microphone setup with ideally only two microphones for stereo and five microphones for surround. For this recording this really worked perfectly and we did not have to use a spot microphone. To get the guitar perfectly in balance with the oboe we put the guitar player on a riser of 30 cm high and we only had to find the right spot and distance for the microphones. And of course on separate tracks we recorded with the binaural dummy head.
In the meantime we recorded some more projects with use of Acoustic Revive microphone cables. To be released soon including DSD editions at the NativeDSD Music store. Stay tuned!

Tom Peeters

Tom Peeters is the founder & producer at Cobra Records.

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