Adventures at High End Munich May 12 by Floor van der Holst in News

“7 hours of walking detected”

And every minute was worth it!

It may look small on paper but the MOC Messe in Munich is massive! You know how phones can keep track of how much you walk. This morning from the hotel to the airport in the morning, to the shuttle bus and then inside the High End from door to door and booth to booth. Combine that with all the walking one must do at airports such as Munich and Amsterdam, and suddenly BLEEP – my phone informed me that “7 hours of walking was detected” today.

My mission was clear. I wanted to revitalize existing co-promotions with DSD DAC companies and record labels to reach out to new customers, as well as set up new ones!

It was fun to catch up with long term hardware partners and friends such as Chord Electronics (Colin), iFi Audio (Vincent) and Merging Technologies (Dominique). At the end of the day I attended the press conference of Chord Electronics’ brand-new DAC (Hugo TT 2 – sneak previewed at High End Munich, coming to market in Autumn. See ) which was very exciting. And hot. It must have been over 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) and everyone was sweating, all 60 men and little old me!

We are going to refresh these existing partnerships by, for example, including discount coupons for DSD Albums at the NativeDSD Music store in more DSD DAC and Portables from iFi and by sharing NativeDSD News content on Merging’s website.

Other companies also seemed to be eager to start co-promoting DSD with NativeDSD. It was quite easy to convince them that it is a nice gesture to their customers to immediately have access to some free DSD Music upon purchasing a DAC or Portable DSD player! These newcomers include Innuos, RHA Technologies, Shanling Audio and Astell & Kern. dCS and Auralic were enthusiastic too.

Interesting conversations about the future of DSD collaborations and developments were held with Ying Tan from Groove Note, Giulio Cesare from Fonè, Meik Wippermann (ME Geithain loudspeakers), René Laflamme from 2xHD and Nagra, Eelco Grimm from Grimm Audio and Andreas Koch from Playback Designs.

And many more that were just unscheduled hallway meetings!

My music listening experience? Unfortunately, with only 8 hours at the show, I barely listened to any music! However, the DSD music was sounding great at Nagra, Playback Designs and Grimm Audio.

What a crazy 24-hour adventure. I look forward to making everything happen with all the enthusiastic existing & new partners over the next weeks. And who knows. Maybe you will find a coupon code for some free DSD music in the product box of the next DAC or DSD Portable that you buy!

I can’t believe that I wrote this article on a midnight train home from Schiphol airport. only 10 more minutes, then 2 stops on the metro and then some more walking (!) and I’ll be home.

Floor van der Holst
Marketing and Label Manager at NativeDSD

Floor van der Holst

Floor van der Holst

Floor is Marketing & Label Manager at NativeDSD Music

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