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After a long period of careful considerations – and a considerable amount of music listening! – we have come to our Album of the Year 2019 nominations for the first three categories. The 9 stunning DSD Albums are revealed below.

  • Classical Solo
  • Vocal
  • World Music

Nominated DSD Albums in 6 more categories will be revealed next week. The winning Albums of the Year 2019 in each Category will be revealed on December 20, 2019.


Three Nominated Albums

(…) Violinist Podger makes Bach’s suites sound as if they were written for her instrument, such is her buoyancy and agility. (…) Isn’t Rachel Podger a violinist? What’s she doing recording Bach’s Cello Suites? That’s the question if you see the cover before you hear this album. But do those things in reverse order, you might instead ask why you’ve never heard this Bach violin music before. — The Guardian CD of the Week

J.S. Bach Cello Suites

Rachel Podger

Quality: DXD, DSD 64, 128, 256 Channels: Stereo, Multi
Once in a while a piano recording comes along that really plucks at the heart-strings. Denis Kozhukhin’s compilation of miniatures by Mendelssohn and Grieg is one such…He brings to the table a perfect balance between spontaneity and control, teamed with infinite variety of touch and timbre. Every phrase is imbued with sensitivity and luminous beauty. — Gramophone Recording of the Month (Sept 2019)

Grieg and Mendelssohn – Lyric Pieces and Lieder ohne Worte

Denis Kozhukhin

Quality: DSD 64 Channels: Stereo, Multi
(…) Perhaps the most intriguing thing about this very winning disc is the enterprising programme arranged by the violinist Rosanne Philippens. It is a selection generated from the musician’s tours of Europe’s for a series of solo recitals – and Philippens welcomed audience feedback. Equally unusual here is the notion of baroque piece from 1676 set against a sarabande by the 20th-century composer Enescu and dances by Bach. The final result is a fragmentary but exhilarating programme, dispatched with immense musicianship. (…) — CD Choice


Rosanne Philippens

Quality: DXD, DSD 64, 256, 128 Channels: Stereo, Multi

Category: VOCAL

Three Nominated Albums
The 2xHD hi-rez release of Shirley Horn’s Softly… the sheer beauty of her sound swept this mere mortal away. – Stereophile


Shirley Horn Trio

Quality: DSD 64, 128, 256 Channels: Stereo
Carmen Gomes recently released the albums ‘Belafonte Sings The Blues’ and ‘Don’t You Cry’, with the latest release being recorded with one microphone. With her warm voice and precise timing, she gives a particularly tasteful interpretation of classic Jazz songs and repertoire. — Jazzenzo

Don’t You Cry (One Microphone Recording)

Carmen Gomes, Carmen Gomes Inc.

Quality: DXD, DSD 64, 128, 256 Channels: Stereo
This album is dedicated to the great artists of the French poetic chanson ‘Tout finit par des chansons’ is the title of this album. It is a saying, stemming from the very last line of Pierre Beaumarchais’ play Le mariage de Figaro, meaning: ‘everything ends with a song’, and this is what we will do. – Diana van der Bent

Tout Finit Par Des Chansons

Diana van der Bent

Quality: DXD, DSD 64, 128, 256 Channels: Stereo, Multi


Three Nominated Albums

The first suite felt mainly ominous, but in ‘Galanthus Nivalis’, Kracht seems to have taken another direction. The first part opens with positive vistas. This trend is continued in the course of the suite. There is still hope for our world, if we are willing to lead a life of sustainability. Egon Kracht and his New World Quartet are the living musical proof of this! —  Cyriel Pluimakers


New World Quartet, Egon Kracht, Angelo Verploegen, Jan Menu, Rik Cornelissen

Quality: DXD, DSD 64, 128, 512, 256 Channels: Stereo, Multi
This ensemble proves that this repertoire has lost none of its luster. The simply fabulous recording quality is a benchmark for the possibilities of current recording technology. It is a new benchmark. — Jazzenzo

Ballade Pour La Nuit (Ballad for the Night) (One Microphone Recording)

Reinier Voet, Pigalle44

Quality: DXD, DSD 64, 128, 256, 512 Channels: Stereo
(…) recorded sound does not get much better than this. Sono Luminus prides itself on the quality of their recording, mastering and production and they have the awards to show for it. If I close my eyes while listening, Ronn is seated fifteen feet in front of me. If I could hear him breathing it would be a near perfect illusion of the real thing. I can think of only a couple of other albums, also recordings of solo instruments, in my music collection that invoke with this kind of realism. — Positive Feedback

The Celtic Lute

Ronn McFarlane

Quality: DXD, DSD 64, 128 Channels: Stereo,

These DSD Albums are selected for their AOTY Nominations by NativeDSD Technical Advisor Brian Moura & NativeDSD Senior Reviewer Bill Dodd

Ray Egger

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