Album of the Year Nominations: Part 2/3 Dec 10 by Ray Egger in News

After a long period of careful considerations – and a considerable amount of music listening! – we have come to our Album of the Year 2019 nominations for the Second three categories. The 9 stunning DSD Albums are revealed below.

  • Classical Chamber
  • Classical Vocal
  • Pop/Rock/Soul

Nominated DSD Albums in 3 more categories will be revealed next week. The winning Albums of the Year 2019 in each Category will be revealed on December 20, 2019.

Category: Classical Chamber

Three Nominated Albums

“2019 has brought us two recordings of the Bridge Variations. The American chamber orchestra A Far Cry presents a beautifully played and engineered recording which also includes music by Mozart and Prokofiev.”
— NativeDSD Listener

Visions and Variations

A Far Cry

Quality: DSD 64, 128, 256, DXD
Channels: Stereo, Multi


“There can be no doubt that recorder player Michala Petri holds one of the pre-eminent positions as one of the most prolific and talented performers on the instrument. Her work spans many years and a discography that is quite monumental. Moreover, she has a repertory that ranges from the early Baroque to jazz, using the recorder as a medium for a new sound world. It is therefore with some anticipation that I received this disc of Johann Sebastian Bach’s equally well-known and iconic flute sonatas, performed with a continuo consisting of Mahan Esfahani on the harpsichord and Hille Perl on viola da gamba.”
— Bertil van Boer, Fanfare USA

Johann Sebastian Bach – 6 Sonatas for Recorder, Harpsichord and Viola da Gamba

Michala Petri, Hille Perl, Mahan Esfahani

Quality: DSD 64, 128, 256, 512, DXD
Channels: Stereo


“On the contrary, we see in Mozart’s most mature compositions a completely selfassured use of simultaneous multiple melodic lines, fully integrated in his own distinctive musical language.” 
— NativeDSD Listener

Mozart – Divertimento KV 568


Quality: DSD 64, DXD, 128, 256, 512
Channels: Stereo, Multi


Category: Classical Vocal

Three Nominated Albums

“As indicated, the music is first rate and the sound exceptionally resonant and deep, actually as good as you are going to hear on a SACD [DSD download]. Do something for your spirit and get this.”
— Steven Ritter,  Audiophile Audition


Nidarosdomens jentekor, TrondheimSolistene

Quality: DSD 64, 128, DXD, 256
Channels: Stereo, Multi


“The Wiener Singakademie are suitably discreet in their delivery, managing to expand the sound just enough to move it from the intimate soirée mood of the original to the larger theatrical feel of this more full-blooded version, but not overstating the choral drama. Even the highly-dramatic opening of the Credo manages to side-step any hint of big operatic moment. That is largely down to Gustavo Gimeno’s energetic tempi and lack of self-indulgence, where nothing is really over-stated and extremes of dynamic are filtered through intelligent manipulation of the choral tone. While, at times, the Orchestre Philharmonique de Luxembourg seems a trifle over-inflated, in the main this is a very successful and largely convincing account of this orchestration which, while not fully luring me away from Rossini’s original, manages to keep it convincingly non-operatic if, at the same time, reminding us that it was never really a true piece of ecclesiastical music.”
— Marc Rochester, Musicweb-International

Rossini: Petite Messe Solennelle

Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg, Wiener Singakademie, Gustavo Gimeno

Quality: DSD 64
Channels: Stereo, Multi


“The performance is superb, and that includes the chanting by baritone Keven Keys as priest and bass Vadim Gan as deacon. His lowest notes almost defy belief. There are 25 vocalists in the PaTRAM Institute Singrs. They form a tightly knit mixed choral ensemble. … the choir seems undaunted by the most demanding requirements. … Conductor Peter Jermihov leads performances that are authoritatively and sensitively shaped… Orthodox sacred music in its highest form.”
— American Record Guide

The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom

PaTRAM Institute Singers, Peter Jermihov

Quality: DSD 256, 64, 128, DXD
Channels: Stereo, Multi


Category: Pop/Rock/Soul

Three Nominated Albums

“How far is the current technology and how much further does it go? When does technology become humane? As a matter of fact, these are rhetorical questions. As long as semi-criminal organizations like Google and Facebook, which are not driven by any moral compass, continue to violate the privacy of world citizens, the human nature of information technology is still far out of sight. Of course, these issues have a modern theme that also inspires modern art. The musical exponent of that has been picked up by Human 2.0, who find leads in big data, the connected world, and singularities known from quantum physics, to play beautiful progressive rock. Anyone who thinks that rock always should sound rough – experiences something completely different here. Highly polished and melodic sounding tracks in the well-known clean and sublime sound quality of TRPTK. That makes it a top album with, among other things, an instrumental track with fine synthesizers in the form of ANI.”
— Ruud Jonkers, Music Emotion

Colour Thinking

Human 2.0

Quality: DSD 64, 128, 256, DXD
Channels: Stereo

“A hard-core, rocking electric version of “Whole Lotta Love” that Fernandez delivers sultry, an octave down and close to the microphone”
— Micheal Fremer, Analog Planet 

I Want You

Vanessa Fernandez

Quality: DSD 64, 128, 256, 512
Channels: Stereo

— Rizvi Rahman, NativeDSD Listener

Up On The Roof (DSD Single)


Quality: DSD 64, 128, 256
Channels: Stereo

These DSD Albums are selected for their AOTY Nominations by NativeDSD Technical Advisor Brian Moura & NativeDSD Senior Reviewer Bill Dodd

Ray Egger

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