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NativeDSD spoke with the Aliud artist Ronald Moelker and the producer Jos Boerland about the new DSD release: ‘Heaven’..

Ronald Moelker, recorder player:

“Again it was a great pleasure to work with Aliud Records, Jos Boerland. His patience and understanding of music helps the artist to change little things that makes the recording grow to a superb level. The acoustics of the little church in Kolham helped a lot to find the right atmosphere.

The recording quality in DSD and surround sound makes it even more personally. When I listened to this result the first time, I could feel very clearly the energy I had during the recording days. And that feels great!

Heaven is kind off a cross section of my work as a recorder player. I enjoy to collaborate with different styles and instruments. It exposes the wonderful colored world of the recorder in several shapes.

I look forward to my latest recording ‘Confluence’ that will be released this year with Eagle Recorder and Saxophone (Niels Bijl). In this special combination of instruments you will find music off 7 centuries. From the middle Ages to Bach and…. Moelker.”


Ronald Moelker

Jos Boerland, producer & founder:

“Ronald is one of the first musicians I had the honour recording. He is an extremely gifted musician, one of a kind you rarely get to witness.

In the early days of Ronald’s career he played with Super Librum, an ensemble which Ronald founded together with Jan-Kees Braaksma. After that he started playing music for the purpose of CDs accompanying educational books at Haske.

During that period we met and decided to record together. He became the first artist to be recorded for Aliud Records, immediately three albums! The first was Flow my Tears, the second recording was a Bach album (coming to NativeDSD soon) and the third was this solo album Heaven. After these initial three releases, I have had the pleasure of working with him as a soloist on the Telemann ‘Il Concerto Barocco’.”

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Jos Boerland

Jos Boerland is Producer and Founder of Aliud Records

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