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Here’s a great idea: Next time you have a party, hire a group of wind players to play arias and other bits from famous Mozart operas– popular and tuneful music made accessible (and affordable). This was Harmoniemusik — and it was very popular around Vienna, Prague, and Budapest from the 1780s to the 1820s


Harmoniemusik from Mozart’s Favourite Operas
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You may have seen this highlighted in a recent newsletter by Cobra Records’ Tom Peeters, but it’s well worth another mention.  The wonderful players of Winds Unlimited make these selections from Le Nozze di Figaro, La Clemenza di Tito, and Don Giovanni absolutely delightful.  They make me want to hear lots more.  Even if you are not a fan of typical chamber music, you might just love this set. Take a listen, and watch the video here. (opens YouTube in a new window)

Equally charming is the Duo Sonatas album by Rachel Podger (violin) and Jane Rogers (Viola).


W.A. Mozart & M. Haydn: Duo Sonatas
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The set contains three sonatas by Mozart, and two by his pal Michael Haydn. The discovery here is how complete these pieces sound with only the two instruments. Podger and Rogers suggest that especially with the Mozart Sonatas, the two instruments remind one of duet between a “diva and heroic tenor.” Along with the usual excerpts there’s a video. And speaking of Haydn, soprano Lisa Larsson with the Combattimento Consort Amsterdam conducted by Jan Willem de Vriend are featured in a quite fine set of opera arias by Michael’s older brother, Joseph. Music from the brothers Haydn.


Ladies First! Opera arias by Joseph Haydn
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If you are unfamiliar with Haydn’s operas, Ladies First! Opera Arias by Joseph Haydn is a nice place to start.

More discoveries next time…
– Bill Dodd

Bill Dodd

Bill Dodd

Bill Dodd is a retired radio broadcaster who was born and raised near San Francisco, but now lives in the USA’s Pacific Northwest. “Discovery is important to me. Along with finding an exciting new viewpoint of a favorite work, I really love discovering music and composers I haven’t heard before, or haven’t been able to get close to in the past.”

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