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TRPTK Sessions is a new initiative from TRPTK.  Every month one artist gets invited to the recording studio to perform a triptych of three pieces.

A triptych is a set of three associated artistic, literary, or musical works intended to be appreciated together.

After recording, all remains unedited, unpolished, in its pure and raw form, just like the in-studio performance.

The main goal of the TRPTK Sessions is to enable all artists, in all genres, to record in high resolution Direct Stream Digitial (DSD) audio.  And to have listeners discover new artists and genres.

– Brendon Heinst

Producer and Engineer, TRPTK

Here you will find the first two TRPTK SESSIONS arrivals to the NativeDSD store.

Jaber Fayad: Sufi Taksim (Album Page)

“I left everything in Syria , but music will stay always inside me.”

Jaber Fayad (born on the 27th of May 1989) is a Syrian Oud player. Jaber started playing the Oud when he was 9 years old. He studied Azerbaijani music with the Master Askar Ali Akbar, Arabic music with Isam Rafei, and Turkish music with Ayman Aljesri. He studied at the Conservatory of Damascus, Syria. In 2015, he graduated for his Conservatory Degree in Oud. In October 2015, Jaber was forced to leave Syria due to the threatening circumstances there, leaving all of his memories and belongings behind. During his dangerous journey to Europe, even when he was facing the deadly threats of a rubber boat, Jaber tried to sing for people and teach them some music to make them feel more comfortable and relaxed. Jaber believes that music is his only relief.

Jaber Fayad: Sufi Taksim

Sufi Taksim

Jaber Fayad

World Music

Qualities: DSD 128fs, 64fs, DXD, 256fs

Channels: Stereo, StereoDXD


Gayle Skidmore: The New York EP (Album Page)

New York – I wrote “New York” about being blindsided by a personal tragedy several years ago. I left for a month long solo tour to New York and back immediately afterward, and it was one of the most intense tours of my life. I wanted to write about the feeling of missing a step in the dark and wandering through hazy memories.

The Impossible Sum – “The Impossible Sum” is the proverbial bird and fish tale of star-crossed love, though I chose to represent it with an owl and fox instead (which is why my Deering banjo has an owl painted on the head). It is full of bittersweet longing for something that can never be, and a wish that all that mattered was being happy in the moment.

Sleepwalking – I’ve always had a fascination with the fragility and fleeting nature of life. “Sleepwalking” is a mix of hope amidst melancholy. It expresses my firm belief that though we never know how long we are given, we should live life out loud.

Gayle Skidmore: The New York EP


The New York EP

Gayle Skidmore

Pop, Vocal

Qualities: DSD DXD, 64fs, 128fs, 256fs

Channels: StereoDXD, Stereo

Brendon Heinst

Brendon is co-founder of TRPTK and the recording engineer of the mentioned projects

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