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Welcome to 2017. It’s a New Year and a New Year in DSD. NativeDSD Music is continuing to release albums every week in DSD, insuring that you will have even more fine DSD listening enjoyment in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Turning to Brian’s Corner, to start things out on the right path musically, I’d like to share some news, products and music in the world of DSD. Let’s jump right in.

Another Year, Another DSD Milestone

With the new year comes new audio product news and announcements. When you add the latest Digital to Analog Converters (DACs) with DSD playback to the ones already on the market, listeners now have over 500 DACs and Players with DSD to choose from on the market.

These products carry prices ranging from $99 (a DIY – Do It Yourself – DSD Kit) to $89,950 (the top of the line Select DAC from MSB Technology). In other words, you will be able to find DSD DACs and Players at a variety of prices, including some models that are just what you have in mind.

You will find a complete list of these DSD DACs, along with links to information on DSD music download sites, playback software, analog to DSD converters and more at the NativeDSD Database. Available at no cost to all music fans at www.nativedsd.com/database.

1 - Over 500 DSD DACs and Players Listed on NativeDSD Database

Turning to trends, we are seeing more DACs that support the highest bit rate for DSD recordings – DSD 256. In some cases, like the exaSound e38 DAC, this includes playback of both Stereo and Surround Sound DSD recordings at DSD bit rates up to DSD 256.

2 - exaSound e38 8-Channel DSD 256 DAC

There are also DSD DACs that go beyond DSD 256 for fans of upsampling their music files to bit rates including DSD 512 and even DSD 1024. While we are unlikely to see DSD albums at those bit rates (no Analog to Digital Converters or Recording Systems support DSD 512 or DSD 1024), listeners can upsample their music to these very high DSD bit rates with products like Signalyst HQ Player. HQ Player is known for its very high quality DSD sound playback and upsampling. It’s a product worth considering as part of your music system. (Album in image can be found here)

3 - HQ Player by Signalyst

A Firefox Tip for Music Downloading

Listeners use a variety of web browsers to download the music they purchase from the NativeDSD Music store. For those of you with the Firefox web browser, I’d like to suggest a file download extension developed by Nils Maier named Down Them All.

As the name suggests, Down Them All lets you download multiple music download files at the same time. It also lets the listener pause and restart music downloads. This pause and restart feature can come in handy when a connection needs a refresh.

4 - Down Them All - Mahler V

For PC owners running Windows 8 and Windows 10, you will also need to download and install a second Firefox extension named DownThemAll! v3+ Windows 8, 10 fix. This extension adapts the original Down Them All program so that it works correctly with the latest editions of Windows.

Both download extensions for Firefox are made available as “donation-ware”. If you try them out and like them, be sure to send the developers $10 – or an amount you think is right – for their work and to fund future development of these handy download managers. I use both for my DSD downloads and find them very useful.

The Indiana Jones of Jazz Comes to NativeDSD

One of the exciting developments in 2016 and continuing in 2017 is the release of a series of classic, undiscovered and unreleased Jazz recordings from Resonance Records. Resonance is managed by veteran recording engineer George Klabin and jazz expert Zev Feldman. Feldman’s ability to find classic Jazz performances that are unreleased and unknown, license and release them has earned him the nickname “The Indiana Jones of Jazz”.

Last year, the team at 2xHD began a series of Stereo DSD 64 and DSD 128 reissues of these albums. Each album is transferred from the Original Analog Master Tape to DSD. The result of this collaboration has been some amazing DSD releases of previously unheard performances by Jazz greats including Bill Evans, Stan Getz, João Gilberto, Shirley Horn, the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra, Sarah Vaughan and Larry Young.

5 - Sarah Vaughan Live at Rosy's

These albums are DSD Exclusives, Not Available on SACD disc. The good news is that they are available for download in DSD at the NativeDSD web store. Better yet, if you buy the albums in Stereo DSD 128, NativeDSD provides the Stereo DSD 64 editions of the album(s) you purchased at no added cost.

If you haven’t heard these amazing Jazz performances, be sure to visit the 2xHD section of the NativeDSD music store. Be prepared to find some amazing Jazz albums that will rapidly become an essential part of your music collection. And watch for even more of these undiscovered Jazz gems in 2017 from 2xHD and NativeDSD.

And Now For Some Music

Before we wrap up this edition of Brian’s Corner, it’s time to highlight a favorite DSD album. To start the new year, I’d recommend Bar del Mattatoio by Seigen Ono and Friends.

6 - Bar Del Mattatoio by Seigen Ono and Friends

Ono is a very talented musician and pioneer in the world of DSD based in Japan. He not only performs on the album but also composed the music and was the album’s producer, recording engineer and mastering engineer! It’s an Analog Recording that was transferred from Analog to DSD by Seigen Ono at his Saidera Mastering and Recording Studios.

Bar del Mattatoio takes you on a musical journey that has elements of jazz, classical, tropical, and experimental music along the way. Singer Caetano Veloso describes the album as “a unique experience. Seigen Ono places us in a landscape that overflows with sensuality, sweetness and melancholy. It is easy to imagine ourselves in a hotel in a small European town during a jazz festival overhearing a band playing outside the town square.”

It’s an excellent Stereo DSD release and one that I’m sure you will enjoy. Be sure to check it out at the NativeDSD Music web store: click here

Brian Moura

Brian Moura

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