A selection of Cobra Records’s albums Jan 09 by Tom Peeters in News, Producer's Notes

Producer Tom Peeters selected 5 favorite Cobra Records albums

Evocacion, Albeniz & Ravel, Mengjie Han (COBRA0058)
Iberia by Albeniz is one of the most technical and demanding piano pieces ever written. But unless it is performed by a pianist like Mengjie Han you have no idea it is so difficult. With alternately Spanish temperament and melancholy you travel through Spain. These works of Albeniz are like pictures of an exhibition and they give you nice memories of special places in Spain. Since the famous Alicia de Laroccha these works are rarely recorded, I’m very proud to have this recording now in DSD on Cobra Records with Mengjie. Our collaboration with piano technician Charles Rademaker gave us the possibility to achieve a great piano sound in Schiedam with one of the best Steinways in Holland.


Mengjie Han

Qualities: DSD 64fs, 128fs, 256fs, DXD
Channels: Stereo, StereoDXD, Multi, MultiDXD, Binaural, BinauralDXD
Haydn Violin Concertos, Lisa Jacobs & The String Soloists (COBRA0061)
For unknown reasons these works are rarely played and recorded. Lisa Jacobs presents her view of this charming music together with The String Soloists from Amsterdam. I think this string orchestra deserves a big compliment. This young and fresh string orchestra is playing full of infectious energy, but they also support Lisa in a great way so that she can show her poetry in the slow movements. I must say the resulting DSD recording is great and reflects the same infectious energy. The quite big, but nice, acoustics of the Cunera church in Rhenen gives a great recording image, especially when you listen in surround sound DSD.

Haydn Violin Concertos

Lisa Jacobs, The String Soloists

Qualities: DSD 64fs, 128fs, 256fs, DXD
Channels: Stereo, StereoDXD, Multi, MultiDXD, Binaural, BinauralDXD
Mahler V, Natalia Ensemble, 17 musicians (COBRA0055)
Composed for an orchestra with over 100 musicians, the Natalia Ensemble brings you the naked beauty of this masterpiece. With only 17 outstanding musicians they perform the entire symphony. The performance is extremely convincing and vulnerable at the same time. The recording was a big challenge and a nice surprise at the same time. We ended up recording in one of the best sounding concert halls in the world in…..Zaragoza (Spain). What a pleasure to record with these people in such nice acoustics.

Mahler V

Natalia Ensemble

Qualities: DSD 256fs, 128fs, 64fs, DXD
Channels: Binaural, Multi, Stereo, StereoDXD, MultiDXD, BinauralDXD
Frei aber Einsam, Brahms String Quartets, Cuarteto Quiroga (COBRA0048)
I must admit that I never liked the string quartets by Brahms. But since my recording with Cuarteto Quiroga this feeling has changed completely. Even now as I’m selecting these albums and playing the second track of this album in DSD, I’m touched deeply by the music and the performance. I remember the recording sessions in Schiedam. The Quirogas asked me often to listen to the character of their playing. It should sound not too difficult, but natural. Even if the score is difficult it has to sound natural and always transparent. I’m still impressed with the result in DSD.


Cuarteto Quiroga

Qualities: DSD 64fs
Channels: Multi, Binaural, Stereo
Modinha, Pauline Oostenrijk & Enno Voorhorst (COBRA0060)
This album contains a selection of pieces that derive from Argentina to Costa Rica and from romantic songs to intricate, revolving rhythms of Latin American music. The unusual combination of guitar and oboe gives an extremely rich palette of sound colors. For me this is an example of the beauty of simplicity. The Stereo DSD version of the album is recorded with just 2 microphones and the Surround Sound DSD version with only 5 microphones. In combination with the great and rich acoustics of the church of Renswoude in the Netherlands we achieved a rich, precise and impressive sound image. This album is a must have for audiophile listeners.


Pauline Oostenrijk, Enno Voorhorst

Qualities: DSD 64fs, 128fs, 256fs, DXD
Channels: Stereo, StereoDXD, Multi, MultiDXD, Binaural, BinauralDXD

Tom Peeters

Tom Peeters is the founder, producer and recording engineer at Cobra Records.

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