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In this issue we talk about DSD news from around the Internet as well as news from Native DSD, including Aria Music Server & the exaSound e28 DAC, Free Replacement Track, and other site features.

Here we go:

DSD Duo: Aria Music Server & the exaSound e28 DAC
When you visit the hardware section of the Native DSD web site, you will see information on Digital to Analog Converters (DACs) and Music Servers that play Stereo and in some cases even Multichannel DSD files. I’m sure that many of your view these excellent products from our DSD hardware partners as an “either or” choice where one product is used in your system.


On Facebook, Burkhard Lohr is telling music fans that the “perfect combination” for playing your DSD Downloads in Stereo and Multichannel sound is to buy an Aria Music Server from Digibit – and an e28 8-Channel DAC from exaSound. In Burkhard’s system, the Aria + e28 combination enables him to play DSD 64fs and DSD 128fs music downloads store on the Aria with Aria’s menu software (an enhanced version of JRiver’s Media Center software) and the e28.

He uses a tablet to wirelessly access the music from across the room. Better yet, Juan Jose Perez at Digibit in Spain tells me that DSD 256fs support has been added to their Aria Music Server, allowing easy access to all of the Native DSD catalog of albums. George Klissarov at exaSound in Canada confirms that the Aria + e28 setup has been tested and certified as a compatible duo. I’m also told that these products will be part of an upcoming review in the March 2015 edition of Stereophile Magazine. The Aria + exaSound combo is one that you may want to consider when setting up – or enhancing – your DSD music playback system.

A Free Replacement Track for All Jazz at the Pawnshop Fans
One of the buyers of the DSD 128fs edition of Jazz at the Pawnshop from Native DSD called our attention to some distortion on track 3 of the album (“High Life”). Our Native DSD team listened to the download and checked the tapes for this download release. It turns out that there is indeed some distortion starting at around 2:39 on that track.


The Native DSD technical team worked with the record label (2xHD – Naxos) on a new transfer of that track which corrects the problem. The new version of Track 3 has been completed and is now available from Native DSD in all 3 resolutions we provide (DSD 64fs, DSD 128fs and DXD). So everyone buying the full Jazz at the Pawnshop album from this point forward will have the corrected version of the track included in their download.

But the news gets even better. Our Managing Director, Jared Sacks, asked “Why don’t we make Track 3 the Native DSD Free Download? Then everyone will have the corrected track on Jazz at the Pawnshop, even if they didn’t buy it from Native DSD.” Now that’s an offer no one can refuse!

To get the corrected version of Track 3 at no charge, visit the Native DSD web site, log in or create an account, and you will have the corrected track in any or all 3 available resolutions, courtesy of Native DSD. As always, Native DSD remains committed to providing the best in DSD music to our customers and correcting issues like this if and when they do appear.

Free Cloud Backup of Your Music
A question that we hear from time to time is how safe are music downloads? What happens to my music download collection if a hard disk crashes or a computer server is damaged?

Many music download fans backup their collection to Cloud Storage services including Google Drive (a reasonably priced option) or Microsoft’s One Drive (which offers unlimited, free Cloud Storage to subscribers of Microsoft Office 365). But there is another option.

Free Cloud Backup

At Native DSD, we keep a list of your music download purchases and have the albums stored in the Cloud. So if something does happen to your hard disk or server, you can restore all of the music downloads that you purchased from our web store at no charge! We think that you will see this feature at more music download stores in the future. But we are proud to offer it to all of our customers today.

An Update: Playing DSD Downloads on the Oppo 103 and 105
In the debut edition of Brian’s Corner last month, I talked about how the Oppo 103 and 105 Blu-Ray disc players also double as DSD music download players for a number of music fans. The write-up received a lot of interest – including some rather surprised reactions from Oppo owners who did not realize that they already owned a DSD capable DAC! (Sometimes, Santa and Christmas arrive early).


I also want to thank our customers for their suggestions for additional information on Oppo DSD playback. I contacted Oppo’s Support team and the January edition of Brian’s Corner has been updated into an even better guide on how to use the Oppo 103 and 105 model players with DSD downloads. Keep enjoying DSD music on your Oppo player. It’s a nice way to get into the world of music downloads. And if you own an Oppo 103 and 105 and haven’t tried this feature yet, drop by our Just Listen section and start enjoying some DSD on the house. It will be the start of a wonderful music experience.

 Written by: Brian Moura, Feb 13th 2015

Brian Moura

Brian Moura

Brian is Associate Editor at Positive Feedback, Senior Advisor – Finance & Executive Management at Regional Government Services Authority and Commissioner at the California Statewide Communities Development Authority (CSCDA). He graduated with a BA Degree in Political Science from University of California at Berkeley (UC Berkeley) and a Masters Degree in Public Administration (MPA) at California State University East Bay (CSUEB). For NativeDSD.com he is a Technical Advisor.

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