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NativeDSD Music listeners who own a 2 Channel or 8 Channel NADAC or NADAC Player DSD 256 DAC from Merging Technologies may be familiar with the name Ricardo Ryan. Ricardo is the NADAC’s Project & QA Manager at Merging Technologies who fields customer requests for software updates and tech support on their DAC.

Ricardo Ryan

But Ricardo has another connection to the DSD world worth mentioning. After work, he is a member of a pop/rock trio based in Switzerland named Sonic Rade. Ricardo sings and plays guitars and synths for the band.

Some of our listeners will remember Sonic Rade as one of the first pop/rock groups to release an album in DSD. Probably not a surprise given Ricardo’s work at Merging Technologies, a leading provider of recording studio software and converters to producers and recording and mastering engineers around the world!

Sideways by Sonic Rade in DSD 256

We invite you to visit the NativeDSD Music store and listen to Sonic Rade’s first album titled Sideways. It will give you a chance to hear Ricardo and his trio in action – after work, of course.

To complete the story, you should also know that Sonic Rade records for VDM Records – not only one of the 51 record labels available at NativeDSD Music – but also the Italian distributor for Merging Technologies products.

Yes, the 6 degrees of separation phenomena applies to the recording industry as well..

VDM Records

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