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The news and developments in the world of Direct Stream Digital (DSD) music continue to unfold as 2017 enters the Fall season.

In this edition of Brian’s Corner, I’ll tell you about Streaming DSD 256 over the Internet, PrimeSeat Performances at the NativeDSD Music Store, Tracking New DSD Releases with RSS and a classic Louis Armstrong Live Concert in DSD 256. Let’s get to it!

Streaming DSD 256 Stereo from PrimeSeat

In the last edition of Brian’s Corner, I highlighted the work that the PrimeSeat team in Japan was doing in offering Streaming DSD 5.6 MHz (DSD 128fs) and DSD 2.8 MHz (DSD 64fs) Stereo music to listeners worldwide. At the time, several listeners expressed both surprise and delight at the news. PrimeSeat is an excellent way to enjoy DSD Stereo over the Internet without the lossy compression and encoding systems that are often used to convert high resolution music files to “CD Quality” or “MP3 Quality” sizes for streaming.

Now the news gets better. PrimeSeat and their software partners at Korg have taken things up another notch by launching Streaming DSD 256 Stereo. Yes, you read that right.

When listeners download the latest edition of the Free PrimeSeat Streaming Software for the Windows or Mac operating systems and connect their laptop or desktop PC to a portable player or Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) with DSD 256 (also known as DSD 11.2 MHz or Quad DSD) Stereo playback, you can hear concerts and performances on demand or even performed live at DSD 256.

Koopman Conducts Mozart in DSD 11.2 MHz Stereo

The launch of PrimeSeat’s DSD 11.2 MHz Stereo Streaming was on July 4, 2017 – on the Independence Day holiday in the U.S. – marking a new DSD milestone. The performance featured as a DSD 11.2 MHz recording of Ton Koopman conducting the NHK Symphony Orchestra performing the music of Mozart. This was followed with a Live Concert featuring the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra with conductor Marek Yanowski performing “Bruckner: Symphony No. 4 Romantic” and “Pfitzner: Three Preludes from Palestrina”. It was broadcast from Germany to PrimeSeat listeners in Japan in DSD 11.2 MHz Stereo. Showing that DSD Streaming – and even Live DSD 11.2 MHz Streaming – from PrimeSeat is here and continues to grow. Quite an achievement.

If you have the audio equipment to give this a listen, I encourage you to download PrimeSeat and try out DSD Streaming. You will be impressed.

Did You Miss Previous PrimeSeat DSD Performances?

If you missed some of the earlier PrimeSeat DSD 5.6 MHz broadcasts from Saidera Mastering, no problem. Several of these recordings are now available as DSD 2.8Mhz and DSD 5.6 MHz Stereo downloads at the NativeDSD Music store in the SDM Live & Rec and Saidera Records sections.

Musica Bonita by Choro Club from SDM Live& Rec in DSD 128 Stereo

One fine example of these DSD concert performances is the new album Musica Bonita from Choro Club. This is the Jazz Trio’s first album in 8 years. It was recorded live to Stereo DSD 128 by Seigen Ono at Saidera Mastering Studios in Tokyo. The music is beautifully played and a real sonic treat. This is one to add to your shopping list at the NativeDSD Music store.

Tracking New NativeDSD Releases with RSS

Many of our listeners know about the weekly NativeDSD Music newsletter. It has information on new DSD releases, sales on albums and upcoming releases. But there is another way to find what has been recently released in DSD: the NativeDSD RSS Feed.

RSS (Rich Site Summary or sometimes called Really Simple Syndication) uses XML-formatted text to highlight new articles, blog posts and news on a website. At NativeDSD, Technical Director Jonas Sacks uses an RSS feed to highlight new releases at the NativeDSD Music store.

To track new NativeDSD releases with RSS, you need to download and install an RSS Reader (like Nextgen Reader for Windows) on your desktop computer, laptop or smartphone or you can use an RSS-enabled web browser like Mozilla’s Firefox. Next, add the RSS feeds you want to track with the News Reader software or web browser. To add the NativeDSD New Releases Feed, simply add the feed located at https://www.nativedsd.com/feed in your reader or web browser.

New NativeDSD Releases in Nextgen Reader’s Grid View

Then you will receive updates and can read about the new NativeDSD releases each week as they are added to the NativeDSD Music store. It’s very handy. Check it out.

Louis Armstrong in DSD 256 Stereo

With all this talk about DSD, I can’t wrap up this edition of Brian’s Corner without some DSD music. In this case, I’m dipping into the fine catalog of Analog Master Tape to DSD 256 transfers from 2xHD-Storyville Records to bring you Mack The Knife by Louis Armstrong.

Mack The Knife by Louis Armstrong in DSD 256 Stereo

This performance is from a Louis Armstrong concert in Chicago. Recorded live to Analog Tape, the recording features 12 of Armstrong’s most popular tracks including Mack The Knife, High Society Calypso, Blueberry Hill, Give Me A Kiss To Build A Dream On and When The Saints Come Marching In. It was transferred from the Analog Master Tape to DSD 256 by Rene LaFlamme at 2xHD using the Horus Analog to DSD 256 Converter from Merging Technologies. Best of all, NativeDSD Music has it for music fans in Stereo DSD256.

If you love Louis Armstrong, you’ll want to own this album in DSD 256. Be sure to give it a listen the next time you drop by the NativeDSD Music store. It’s an album you will enjoy many times on your music system.

Brian Moura

Brian Moura

Brian is Associate Editor at Positive Feedback, Senior Advisor – Finance & Executive Management at Regional Government Services Authority and Commissioner at the California Statewide Communities Development Authority (CSCDA). He graduated with a BA Degree in Political Science from University of California at Berkeley (UC Berkeley) and a Masters Degree in Public Administration (MPA) at California State University East Bay (CSUEB). For NativeDSD.com he is a Technical Advisor.

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