A journey through Chopin and Liszt’s spiritual sides May 19 by Gonzalo Noqué in Producer's Notes, Recording Reports

It is always a pleasure for me to introduce a new album by Josep Colom. He is a poetic artist whose performances never fit the traditional mould; in a world of dazzling virtuosity and unbelievable speed and precision, Colom seems to belong to another time, a time where the performer’s personality used to shine with each note played.

That is what makes this album so exciting and unique to me: when listening to Liszt monumental Sonata through the prism of Colom’s vision, you enter a new sonic world where the spiritual side of Liszt’s genius illuminates the whole piece. As with all recordings made with Josep Colom in the outstanding Symphonic Hall in Zaragoza, Spain, a 1957 Steinway piano was used; a piano that it is full of nuances, a piano with a glorious wood timbre from another time. 

Blog Cover photos of Josep Colom by Paz Fernandez

Brand New DSD Release

Chopin & Liszt: B Minor Sonatas

Josep Colom

Quality: DSD 64, 128, 256, 512
Channels: Stereo, Multi

Gonzalo Noqué

Producer/Engineer at Eudora Records

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