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Musical forces of nature: Ning Feng, Rosanne Philippens and Gerard Schwarz conducting The Colburn Orchestra

In this edition of Dodd’s Discoveries I have included some of the most intense music ever written, in refreshing performances

37916Ning Feng is absolutely a “force of nature.” He startles with his clarity and technique, but manages to do so with a warm and inviting sound. My discovery of his new album was pretty easy since it was highlighted in a recent newsletter. Just in case you missed it..

Rossen Milanov conducts the Orquesta Sinfónica del Principado de Asturias, and they do an excellent job of accompanying Feng. By the way, I have a number of CDs of the OSPA’s fine renditions of orchestral works by Rodrigo.

“Apasionado” features works by Lalo, Sarasate, Ravel, and (memories of Jascha Heifetz!) Waxman’s “Carmen Fantasy.”  These are thrilling performances from Ning Feng!

Check out this track to get an idea! Sarasate: Zigeunerweisen (Track 1 of the album “Apasionado”) Warning: this is a silly ol’ mp3, it sounds much nicer in DSD!

By the way, for a fine performance of the violin and piano version of Ravel’s “Tzigane,” take a listen to the album “Rhapsody”.

Violinist Rosanne Philippens and pianist Yuri van Nieuwkerk light up the room with music by Ravel, Bartok and Hubay.

Do you delight in having different versions of favourite works? Here’s one that made my socks roll up and down: Gerard Schwarz conducting The Colburn Orchestra in Mahler’s Symphony no. 5.


I know you’re asking why you should consider a Los Angeles “student orchestra” in one of Mahler’s most popular symphonies. Well, I’ll tell you: it’s good! The Colburn Orchestra is part of the Colburn school. It’s members could probably play in any major orchestra. And Schwarz was Music Director of the Seattle Symphony for many years and has conducted major orchestras all over the world. This is a blazing, refreshing, performance that was a wonderful discovery for me, and I think it will be for you as well.

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Bill Dodd

Bill Dodd

Bill Dodd is a retired radio broadcaster who was born and raised near San Francisco, but now lives in the USA’s Pacific Northwest. “Discovery is important to me. Along with finding an exciting new viewpoint of a favorite work, I really love discovering music and composers I haven’t heard before, or haven’t been able to get close to in the past.”

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