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[read the interview with Co-Founder and Technical Director Jonas Sacks here]

Inside Audio had looked at many online music distributors and seemed positively impressed by the quality of the music offered by us at NativeDSD when compared to traditional music distributors.

After listening to the quality DSD music and the quality standards used by NativeDSD at the X-FI Audio Show in Veldhoven, The Netherlands, the team at Inside Audio firmly believes in this quality standard as the way to go when assembling the best music collection. In a digital time, where you can choose many different streaming and music download services as well as a host of audio systems, it’s hard to pick the right one.

Inside Audio asks listeners the question: ‘If you have a decent audio system, why aren’t you getting 100% out of it?’ – Are you listening to lower-quality music and ending up with less than stellar results? Inside Audio found that NativeDSD is a game-changer with high-quality standards and bringing over 1,250 albums to market that bring this music quality to you, the listener.

You can read the interview I gave here!

A New Partnership: Inside Audio + NativeDSD Music

In the past, Inside Audio was only writing about recording studio software and hardware. Now they are ready to expand coverage to bring you news and information on the best quality Hi-Fi music and audio.

To do this, they’ve added NativeDSD Music as a partner and information source in their journey to bring their readers even more information on high-quality music releases.

Inside Audio promotes the interview, incl. 12 free DSD Tracks

About Inside Audio

Inside Audio is a blog where you can find information about instruments, singers, producing, marketing and audio techniques. With the mission to educate and to inform a young target audience that enjoys music. By adding information on high quality audio, Inside Audio is about to become even more essential. With this new information, our readers can enjoy music even more and be ready for the next big step in the music industry.

About NativeDSD Music

NativeDSD Music was founded in 2013 and provides over 1,250 albums from over 50 record labels in high resolution DSD Stereo and Multichannel audio. NativeDSD provides listeners with a top-quality resource for the best quality DSD Stereo and Multichannel music directly from native DSD & DXD recorded music and Analog Master Tapes.

The Tapes or Data we use to prepare the DSD downloads come directly from the record labels, engineers and artists recording in DSD, DXD and Analog Master Tapes. NativeDSD does not use sources that are up-sampled from PCM. Instead we use DSD, DXD and Analog Edit Masters, to bring you as close to the actual performance as is possible.

Jonas Sacks

Jonas Sacks

Jonas is Co-Founder & CTO at NativeDSD. He was trained as a Cinematographer. His work can be seen at

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