Listeners at RMAF Hear NativeDSD Music Oct 31 by Michael Broughton in News

At the recent 2017 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) in Denver, the crowd’s response was always positive when we played NativeDSD pieces of music with the new Merging + NADAC Player DSD 256 DAC + Server with Roon from Merging Technologies. Funny what happens when an effort is made to reproduce a performance as close to the original as possible.

Over the years I have developed the skills necessary to set up a listening room so you don’t hear the speakers. What you do hear is a three dimensional soundstage where instruments and voices are well defined and positioned within that soundstage. The walls disappear and the performance can extend beyond the walls if that is what is in the recording. The instruments and voices become solid and life like while still allowing the delicate nuances of the performance to come through.

I mention this because under these conditions the recordings from the NativeDSD Music store just come to life. The care the artists, producers, recording engineers and record companies have put into these recordings is obvious and clear. People loved what they were hearing. Congrats to all.

As an example here is a comment from Jean-Marie Liere from Australia:

Welcome to the best of the digital world. A Native DSD256 file recorded by pianist extraordinaire Yuko Mabuchi and her Trio. Played back on the newest Merging + NADAC Player with Roon. The Merging Technologies room at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver with the Definitive Technology BP2000TL speakers certainly gave it justice.

NativeDSD Music with NADAC+Player with Roon in the Merging Technologies Room

Michael Broughton

The Audiophile Source

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