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Native DSD goes into the listening field to understand how different people listen, differently. This is the third portrait in a series of 5: Kip Peterson.

I visited Kip Peterson’s listening room in California. He is a music lover and explained to me that about 10 years ago his daughter ran into his office with a vinyl she found lying in the dust. It is when he started rebuilding his audiophile listening setup again. He built a room just for listening and making music.

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He now has a Studer A80 RC MkII 2 track tape machine. This one was made in the 1980’s and was fully restored by Jon French. Ocean Way recording studio’s in Los Angeles tweaked the machine under supervising eye of John West to bring it back to perfect operating condition. For vinyl he uses a Micro Seiki RX 5000 plus an HS80 flywheel resting on a Vibraplane by Kinetic Systems.

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His DSD setup combines a Mac-Mini hooked up to a NAS drive, about 50 feet away from the room in the house. He controls the computer running Audirvana by using an iPad. The DA conversion is made using a Mytec DAC.  He uses active crossovers and full range loudspeakers made by Apogee.

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If you have a question for Kip. I can get you in touch with him.
The music that Kip listened to in the video is available in the shop. Click on the album cover below.

Smoke and Mirrors Vanish

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Jonas Sacks

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