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“Our Favourite DSD Tracks”

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The International HiFi Show Melbourne is a big supporter of the audio format Direct Stream Digital (DSD) and this year many exhibitors showcase their DSD-capable Players & DACs. We decided to reach out to – the largest DSD content provider and available worldwide – to see how we could promote DSD music at our show. The result: we were asked to create our own DSD album. Four record labels – Navis Classics, Just Listen, Sketti Sandwich Productions and Channel Classics Records – gave us a carte blanche to pick our favourite tracks! is also home to 39 other record labels, with more labels entering as we speak. This summer of 2016 (Northern Hemisphere; July/August), NativeDSD will reach the 1000 DSD Albums milestone.

In the meantime the amount of DSD-friendly DACs & Players are growing rapidly too. (DAC = Digital to Analog Converter) This spreadsheet shows all of the available DSD capable converters and players, as well as a list of suitable playback software and all the sites where DSD music is available. Some of the recommended DACs & Players are available at:

Back to the music:

We hope you will enjoy this custom made HiFi Show Melbourne DSD Album called: “Our Favourite DSD Tracks”- and if you do, make sure to come back to NativeDSD for more..

Marc Rushton, on behalf of the International HiFi Show Melbourne & StereoNET


The Tracks & Special Thanks


1). JAZZ // Bossa Nova

Just Listen: JL003 – Breno Virícimo Group

Raizes – track 7 – Se Voce Nao (Cesar Camargo Mariano) 1:32


2). CLASSICAL // Baroque : Solo Cello

Navis Classics: NC15003 – Joachim Eijlander

Bach: Cello Suites – track 1 – Prelude (J.S. Bach) 2:33


3). JAZZ // Female Vocal Jazz Ensemble

Just Listen: JL002 – New Amsterdam Voices

8 Ensembles in 1 Bit – track 4 – Short People (R. Newman) 2:49


4). ACOUSTIC // Independent, band & vocals

Sketti Sandwich Productions: SSP1661D64 – David Elias

Crossing – track 4 – Morning Light, Western Town (D. Elias) 5:59


5). CLASSICAL // Symphony Orchestra

Channel Classics Records: CCS SA 33112 – Iván Fischer / Budapest Festival Orchestra

Mahler: Symphony No. 1 – track 2 – II. Kräftig Bewegt, Doch Nicht Zu Schnell (G. Mahler) 8:00



Navis Classics, Just Listen, Sketti Sandwich Productions & Channel Classics Records


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