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The current Native DSD Music website does not support purchases and downloads with mobile devices. You will need to use a PC or laptop for the website today. Later this year the Native DSD website will be upgraded to new software that supports mobile devices including tablets and smartphones. We are looking forward to bringing this added functionality to our customers. 

To view, purchase and download the albums in DSD, please use a desktop or laptop. Or continue reading our mobile friendly blog here.

About NativeDSD offers the highest resolution music in the Direct Stream Digital audio format, as data that comes straight from the labels that record in DSD or DXD quality. You will find mostly classical music, but a growing collection of Jazz, Independent acoustic and World music. Over 1,500 titles are available for quality listening through a DAC that supports the .dsf file format.

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What we offer

  • Downloadable .dsf Files (with tags) + Album art & Booklet PDF
  • Music Sourced from DSD Masters or Analog Tape to DSD
  • DXD files
  • Free .dsf sample files
  • Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, AmEx and many other major credit card payments
  • Backup of your purchased music files
  • Free advice and support
  • Orders accepted from ANY country
  • Weekly sale and discount offers through our newsletter
  • Oh, and of course, DSD Gear!!

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