‘OUR Recordings’ on DSD Jun 03 by Lars Hannibal in Producer's Notes, Recording Reports

Hi DSD music listeners, OUR Recordings is very happy that it is now possible to hear the music in the high quality in which our unique albums are recorded. OUR Recordings is an artist label, a “showcase” for recorder virtuoso Michala Petri and the projects she is involved in.

6220610The album “La Follia”, that received the International Classical Music Award (ICMA 2016), was very special to record. We managed to get the extreme warm and clear sound in Garnisons Church in Copenhagen. It is so clear on the recording, that you really get the feeling you are sitting right in the middle of the hall listening to Michala Petri and Mahan Esfahani playing and improvising so passionately on the highest level of the music by Corelli. It was impossible to make cuts. Every time they played a movement it was so different. We could have made 4 or 5 different albums from these 3 days of recording, and we knew we experienced something very special.

6220609The Album “Danish & Faroese Recorder Concerts” was the first recording in the new concert Hall in Aalborg, Denmark. We spend the first day finding the sound in the hall. But when we found it, it was obvious that the acoustics here are among the best in concert halls around the world. It is extremely important to be able to balance the orchestra with the soft sound of the recorder, which we succeeded to do on this challenging recording in the series of contemporary recorder concertos.

6220615On the album with old European Christmas songs and carols “Let The Angels Sing” you will hear the choir and the recorder “breath together” in a match of sound, as if it was “made in heaven”.

Thanks to the DSD format it is now possible to fully experience this music as it was recorded. Enjoy!

Lars Hannibal

Lars Hannibal is the Director / Founder of OUR Recordings, as well as a guitarist / lute player. OUR Recordings works together with Grammy nominated producer Preben Iwan, records in DXD and releases music in the DSD format.

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