Chopin’s Last Waltz Jan 09 by Ray Kimber in Producer's Notes, Recording Reports

Ray Kimber introduces Robert Silverman: Chopin’s Last Waltz

A flock of firsts! First release of an IsoMike DSD 256 recording. First IsoMike release on NativeDSD. First IsoMike release that is not available on an SACD or CD. We have been recording in DSD for many years, using first Tascam tape-based DSD machines, then Genex DSD recorders, then the Sonoma DSD Workstation and finally the Merging Technologies Pyramix Workstation and Horus DSD 256 Analog to Digital Converter.

“To be honest this feels very exciting and a bit dangerous.”

The pianist, Robert Silverman, had recorded 2 previous projects with us: Beethoven’s Diabelli Variations (released as a CD on the Stereophile Label, with John Atkinson as lead engineer), then the ambitious 7-disc SACD 2.0/4.0 set of the complete Mozart Piano Sonatas.

Robert really wanted to do another project which is this music of Chopin on an album titled The Last Waltz. Initially released in October 2017 at the at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) in Denver as a vinyl LP and now as DSD Download (DSD 64, 128 and 256, in both Stereo and Multichannel) at NativeDSD. To be honest this feels very exciting and a bit dangerous.

This was recorded with the IsoMike system in DSD 256 using the Merging Technologies Horus DSD 256 Analog to Digital Converter. No limiting, no compression, no EQ, no filtering, and no mixing were used in the recording process.

Please visit the websites and to gain extra insight into why we don’t compress, and why you will need to turn up your volume control on playback.

During recording, the IsoMike was at a distance that we think is a good distance to listen to the piano live. On playback try and think of how a 9’ Steinway D piano might sound live. Just keep turning up the volume, you might find your volume control AND your delight to be turned up much higher than usual!

Ray Kimber

Ray Kimber is the creator and founder of Kimber Kable and IsoMike. He has invented a unique approach to recording in DSD. IsoMike (“Isolated Microphones”) is an experimental acoustic baffle system. For these DSD 256 Multichannel recordings, the microphones were suspended on arms, separated by IsoMike baffles.

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