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Dear friends, we are happy to join the large family of true connoisseurs of music, NativeDSD Music.

During the recording session of Mozart’s F major sonata, the piano went on strike…

Having experienced everything, it would seem, during its concert career, the vulnerable piano of the Grand Hall of the Philharmonia requested respite, unable to endure the marathon recording schedule of the new album by Anthony Bonamici (USA – Russia).

In this new release, ReachSound.Art has managed to preserve and convey the marvelous and noble acoustics of the Grand Hall of

“the St. Petersburg Philharmonia enveloping the brilliant and expressive playing of Anthony Bonamici.”

The colossal and intricate work of the entire team is now completed, and the new album by Anthony Bonamici: J. Haydn & W. Mozart Piano Sonatas has been released DSD-256 format.

Very soon we will present to you “A Flute for the Tsar,” a release from Denis Lupachev, professor of the Saint Petersburg Conservatory soloist of the Mariinsky Theater Orchestra with rare music for flute written in the 18th-20th centuries.

Brand New DSD Album

Haydn and Mozart – Piano Sonatas

Anthony Bonamici

Quality: DSD 64, 128, 256, 512, DXD
Channels: Stereo, Binaural, Multi

Anton Yakovlev

Anton Yakovlev is the Producer from Reach Sound Art

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