Rock in DSD: ‘3 Chord Trick’ Dec 01 by Phil Palmer in News, Producer's Notes

It is not every day that a Rock Album is recorded in DSD. So far NativeDSD has released over a thousand Classical and Jazz DSD albums, but only about two dozen Pop and Rock recordings. Today NativeDSD welcomes new label Forward Studios to the site! Phil Palmer introduces ‘3 Chord Trick’ by Legacy, which is the first of at least 3 DSD albums from Forward Studios.


“Chemistry… It’s what makes great albums! In my long career as a session man these are the elements that produce the special music. With Steve Ferrone, Alan Clark, Pino Palladino and myself we set out to make an album of songs in the old way – 4 guys in a room at the same time bouncing ideas around to find the optimum solutions for groove, structure, melody and atmosphere… The Legacy album is now completed and it is the result of one year’s work and a collective 150 years of experience. The way albums used to be made with passion, care and a mysterious and illusive alchemy that defies explanation… Listen to it. Get inside it. Feel what we felt when recording it.. Live it!”

Phil Palmer, Producer, guitars & vocals

LEGACY’s “3 Chord Trick” is OUT NOW

Phil Palmer

Phil Palmer is producer, guitarist and vocalist of the rock band Legacy and their album ‘3 Chord Trick’.

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