‘Soul Of A Bell’ by Artes Mirabiles Jun 23 by Alexey Pogarskiy in Producer's Notes, Recording Reports

Recording the sound of a bell is very difficult. On the one hand, loud volume is one of the bell’s key expressive features. But on the other, the unique nature of each bell and the richness of its timbre is at its best when the volume is of a medium or low resonance as a result of a gentle and delicate strike. The human ear hears all this quite naturally but making a recording of it is a much more complex task. Indeed, it is likely that, so far, a truly satisfactory recording of the sound of bells has yet to be made.

This is what we have been striving to achieve by experimenting with various different approaches. We have used special microphones, which only we have, and DXD technology to fully explore the entire palette of sound. We are still finding our way and we cannot see the end to it yet but now we are ready to present our first results to you, the audience, in this carillon recording made in the St Peter and Paul Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Our recording invites you to come with us up into the bell-tower and hear the carillon from within – to hear what the carillonist hears while playing. You will find yourself surrounded by the sound of the beautiful Petit & Fritzen bells and, at times, will even be able to hear the working of the carillon keyboard mechanism and the transmission connecting keys to the bell clappers.

We introduce the carillon as it can never be heard during a concert standing at the base of the tower.

Alexey Pogarskiy

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