Super Moon and Earthquakes: Recording ‘Lunar Mgc’ Dec 09 by J.I. Agnew in Producer's Notes, Recording Reports

From the Artist

Have you ever caught yourself wondering how vast and unexplored the universe is? For those of you who are seeking answers, if you close your eyes you might find an opportunity to discover one of these lost areas between space and time… It is a journey to the Law of Eternal Movement, a Nebula, 165 light years away. Frozen ex-planets that have lost their purpose in space, and the universal art of keeping all these in balance.
We are Lunar Mgc a 3-piece band based in Thessaloniki, Greece and this is our Album: A path leading to Planet Geisha. We hope you enjoy your journey and find what you seek.
P.s. None of the above would have been possible without the help and warm hospitality of Jesus and Sabine.

lunar-mgcEngineers Note

Every band arriving at Magnetic Fidelity comes with a unique artistic vision, involving a world of sound capable of transporting the imagination of the listener to the past or to the future, on earthly or unearthly surroundings, in a setting where the music can deliver the intended message. In such circumstances, an audio engineer can be thought of as a translator, able to comprehend the vision in musical language and translate it into the appropriate tweaking of electronic component values in the required circuits, selection and placement of the appropriate microphones to capture the sound, and careful storage of the harvested information on the appropriate storage medium.

There is an enormous amount of information being generated during a music performance, involving sonic information but also visual cues and other sensory experiences. The art and science of sound recording revolves around capturing as much of this information as possible, attempting to recreate the sense of particular time and place, using only sonic cues.

Super moon

When Lunar Mgc set up their gear and started rehearsing, I was faced with a huge mass of sound which could be physically felt just as much as it could be heard. It was powerful enough to carry you away into vivid imaginary worlds. At night the so called “super moon” of November 14 was shining bright in the dark sky, a lunar event, were the moon travelled unusually close to earth.

We spent two days trying to fit all this within the confines of the recording medium, which was ATR Magnetics 1/4″ Master Tape loaded on a customised Telefunken Magnetophon 15A, fitted with Studer butterfly heads. Vacuum-tube based electronic circuits took gentle care of the audio signals, captured during the live performance of the band, with all members situated in the same room of the studio. On the third day, the band simply played through their songs, which were now being recorded.

Suddenly the building started to shake just as we were wondering if the low frequency content was perhaps exaggerated. It turned out to be an earthquake, perhaps induced by the music…
The recorded tape was then played back for the musicians to approve of the time travel, and was subsequently converted to DSD at a sampling rate of 5.6MHz. Their album will be available in DSD  from the analog master tape.

J.I. Agnew

J. I. Agnew is an Analog Mastering/Disk Cutting Engineer at Magnetic Fidelity. He also works as an Analog Audio Electronics Designer at Magnetovolt. He studied Audio Engineering and Music Technology, received an MA in Sonic Arts and Media Production, and went onto PhD-level research in Analog Synthesis Systems.
Jesus spent a decade as an internationally touring musician and also taught various Audio Engineering Subjects in academic environments and conferences. He has extensive work experience in recording, mastering and media production facilities and is a member of the Audio Engineering Society.

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